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Lactation Consultation

Tamara Hawkins, Lactation Consultant accepts Aetna, Oxford, United Healthcare, 1199, Cigna, Oscar and The Empire Plan insurances for prenatal breastfeeding class, prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding appointments.

Prenatal appointments are appropriate for women with history of any breast/nipple surgery, flat or inverted nipples, insulin dependent diabetes, history of PCOS and infertility, pregnancy with twins or more and other medical issues in which mothers will be on maintanence medication during lactation.
Postnatal appointments (when the baby arrives) involves physical exam of mother's breasts, areola, nipples, and milk supply as well as review of pregnancy and labor events. Baby's suckling ability, mouth structures, head and neck features, weight, and ability to transfer milk from breasts during feeding are also examined. Mother's breastfeeding technique is observed and teaching done to enhance breastfeeding experience. Initial visit generally lasts 1 -1 1/2 hours with follow-up visits lasting about 1 hour. Your insurance may cover at least 3 visits. 

In-office lactation consults are offered Tuesdays afternoon and all day Friday at the office of Pediatrics of New York- 11 E. 86th St between 5th and Madison Ave. Please schedule yourself for an appointment using the below button. The following forms have to be completed and ready for your appointment. They can be completed online and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or printed.

Form #1 Consent of Care and  Financial Policy

Form #2 Medical, Birth and Breastfeeding History

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.When is a lactation visit indicated? Lactation Visits are recommended for the following situations:
  • Mother with prior breast reduction surgery
  • Mother feeding a premature baby discharged from the NICU
  • Mother breastfeeding infant born between the ages of 35-37 weeks gestation and experiencing milk supply or any other breastfeeding issues
  • Mother breastfeeding twins or triplets with difficulties
  • Any Latch-on and/or positioning difficulties
  • PLEASE don't try to force the baby to take your breast. Battles at the breast are not pleasant for the mother or the baby and often reinforce the baby's refusal of the breast. If your baby will not latch, keep your baby skin-to-skin between your breast as much as possible (most babies will begin to root on the chest in search of the breast and this is the most optimal time to give gentle guidance to the breast). If baby doesn't begin to latch on, pump your breast every 2-3 hours and feed the pumped milk to the baby, and GET HELP as soon as possible.
  • A newborn who has lost more than 10% of his birth weight and does not begin to gain adequately (1 oz per day) by the time mother's milk comes in
  • A mother who doesn't feel her mature milk has come in by day 5 postpartum
  • A baby who resists latching, or is fussy, agitated, or seems uncomfortable at the breast
  • A baby who is not passing meconium, or ceases to stool after the meconium is passed
  • If baby has low output in diapers. Expected output: DAY 1-3 at least 2 stools (each larger than a tablespoon) and 2-3 wets. DAY 3-5 at least 3 stools (each larger than a tablespoon) and 3-5 wets; DAY 5 or older at least 3-4 stools (each larger than a tablespoon) and 6-8 wets per day
  • Over 4-6 weeks of age, 6-8 very heavy wets per day and might stool frequently each day or might stool once every few days an exceptional large amount of stool




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