The Lamaze online class is designed based on years of research to help simplify your birth process with an informed approach that helps alleviate your fears and manage pain. You will get the same information here as you would in a 6 week Lamaze class. This course offers evidenced based information via video, text, handouts, recommended podcasts and readings. 

Stork and Cradle strongly believes birth is a normal physical, spiritual, and social rite of passage for families. Women and their partners are encouraged to tap into their inner stores of strength, knowledge, and intuition as preparation for birth.

In This Class You'll Learn:

  • Normal labor, birth, and the early postpartum period experiences

  • Positioning to help the baby descend in the birth canal to increase comfort during labor and improve the pushing stage

  • Massage techniques for your partner to ease your pain during birth

  • Pain coping skills for birth and after pregnancy to relieve stress and suffering including visualizations, breathing techniques and use of comfort tools

  • Labor support skills for the birth partner

  • Skills to communicate effectively with your healthcare team

  • Guidance to make informed medical decisions

  • What to do should a cesarean birth become necessary

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Practical information for birth partners to help them understand the dos and don'ts of being in the presence of a birthing mother
  • Practices to induce relaxation during labor

  • Labor comfort skills

  • Communication and negotiation skills

  • Pain coping skills and techniques

  • Touch (massage) training to be used in labor

  • Understanding the appropriate use of aromatherapy 

  • Knowledge of the compassionate use of epidurals

  • How to survive back labor

  • Care for the mother after the birth of the baby

  • Postpartum recovery tips

Molly Booth, Expectant Mother

The class was absolutely wonderful and we are feeling so much more educated, prepared, and realistic about the birthing process after taking her Breastfeeding, Child Care, and Childbirth classes. It was an invaluable experience for us and she managed the time and classes so well! I would highly recommend her to anyone prepping for a baby.


As the Director of Stork and Cradle, Inc. Tamara brings over twenty years’ expertise as a Maternity Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner to deliver classes and programs that blend holistic knowledge and clinical care for mothers and their babies. 


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