Prenatal Education

Stork and Cradle strongly believes birth is a normal physical, spiritual, and social rite of passage for families. Women and their partners are encouraged to tap into their inner stores of strength, knowledge, and intuition as preparation for birth. Our prenatal classes are a soulful approach to birthing and breastfeeding success. We are here to mentor you in giving birth as necessary for your body, your beliefs, and your baby. Our mission is to empower women and their partners. We give you tools to make informed decisions, to feel confident, and  to build a trusting relationship with obstetricians and midwives leading to a satisfying birth experience.


We offer the following classes:


1. Lamaze Childbirth Education


2. Breastfeeding 101


3. Baby Care 101


4. Infant/Child 101



Stork and Cradle is an in-network provider of Prenatal Classes and Lactation Consults with Oscar Insurance. We bill directly to Oscar to cover the costs of your class attendance. There is no out of pocket costs to Oscar members.

Lamaze Childbirth Class

Whether you have decided to get an epidural or not, once those contractions start, you will want something to help ease you through. The Lamaze technique has helped millions of women  experience a significantly easier, more relaxed birth through the discussion of  healthy birth practices. These  are designed based on years of research to help simplify your birth process with an informed approach that helps alleviate your fears and manage pain.

Stork and Cradle class covers:

  • Normal labor, birth, and the early postpartum period experiences

  • Positioning to help the baby descend in the birth canal to increase comfort during labor and improve the pushing stage

  • Massage techniques for your partner to ease your pain during birth

  • Pain coping skills for birth and after pregnancy to relieve stress and suffering including visualizations, breathing techniques and use of comfort tools

  • Labor support skills for the birth partner

  • Skills to communicate effectively with your healthcare team

  • Guidance to make informed medical decisions

  • What to do should a cesarean birth become necessary


You will leave class with:

  • Practical information for birth partners to help them understand the dos and don'ts of being in the presence of a birthing mother

  • Practices to induce relaxation during labor

  • Labor comfort skills

  • Communication and negotiation skills

  • Pain coping skills and techniques

  • Touch (massage) training to be used in labor

  • Understanding the appropriate use of aromatherapy during labor

  • Knowledge of the compassionate use of epidurals

  • How to survive back labor

  • Plan to deal with welcomed or would-be visitors after the birth of the baby

  • Access to online videos that accompany lessons covered during class

Cost- $350 

Margot was absolutely wonderful and we are feeling so much more educated, prepared, and realistic about the birthing process after taking her Breastfeeding, Child Care, and Childbirth classes. It was an invaluable experience for us and she managed the time and classes so well! I would highly recommend her to anyone prepping for a baby.

Molly Booth, Expectant Mother

Breastfeeding 101

At Stork and Cradle, we support exclusive breastfeeding. We do understand that not every parent can or wants to exclusively breastfeed and we will support your choices. It is very important to attend a prenatal breastfeeding class, like VERY. Breastfeeding can be difficult at the start but if you arm yourself with the following skills, you can have a head start to  success:

  • Practice how to latch baby deeply to the breast to avoid injury to the breast
  • Know how to identify when the baby is actually swallowing
  • Care for sore nipples, cracked nipples, thrush, plugged ducts, and mastitis
  • Learn how to select a breast pump, how to use it and store breastmilk

Our breastfeeding class is covered by the below insurances with no out of pocket fee to you. If we are not in-network with your insurance, please select the option to pay for class and we will supply you with a medical receipt called a Superbill with diagnosis and procedure codes. You can submit  this to your insurance for possible reimbursement.


Cost- Group class $90 or covered by insurance

           Online Class $50

Tamara was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding breastfeeding. You can tell that she is really passionate about what she does. I feel much more confident after taking the prenatal breastfeeding class and hope that I can properly feed my future daughter using the knowledge that I gained. Thank you Tamara!

Jessica Kiley, Expectant Mother

Baby Care 101

The better prepared you are before giving birth, the easier your transition into parenthood will be. If you don’t have to ask questions about the basics, you can focus on just doing them.

You will leave baby care class:

  • With a list of important things needed for your newborn

  • Knowing how to properly and accurately take the temperature of a baby

  • Understanding how to identify a baby that may be choking on mucus and how to handle the situation

  • Knowing how to pick the right pediatrician for you.

  • With a great method to soothe a crying baby

  • And much more


Session Overview:

  • Holding the baby

  • Bathing

  • Skincare

  • Diapering

  • Swaddling

  • Circumcision

  • Vaccine choice

  • Baby feeding

  • Safety issues include safe sleeping and correct use of a car seat

Cost- $85

The class was AWESOME! We went as grandparents and thought it was perfect. We learned so much! It was practical, smart, and also fun. Thank you for a great morning! Susan

Susan Sparks, Expectant Grandmother

Infant/Child CPR

Nothing in this world is as terrifying and stress-inducing as a child who  is choking or has stopped breathing…knowing how to cope with this situation quickly and effectively can save your child’s life.

You will want to take this class because:

  • Over 70% of all cardiac and breathing emergencies occur in the home when a family member is present and available to help a victim.

  • Accidental injuries are the leading cause of death in children, and send over 16 million children a year to the emergency room.

  • After someone stops breathing, or the heart stops beating, he or she can survive for only 4 to 6 minutes before lack of oxygen results in brain damage or death. CPR can buy extra time for your loved one, until professional help can arrive, by artificially circulating oxygen to the brain.

  • Statistics show that the earlier CPR is initiated, the greater the chance of survival. The American Heart Association estimates that 100,000 to 200,000 lives of adults and children could be saved each year if CPR was performed early enough.

  • Approximately 7 million adults and children suffer from disabling injuries in their own homes and backyards each year, resulting from accidents that may require CPR, according to the American Heart Association. Some of the most common causes of sudden death include: electric shock, heart attacks, drowning, severe allergic reactions, choking, drug overdose, and suffocation.


You will learn how to:

  • Assess the 4 Cs (Check, Call, Care and Complete) of pediatric first aid to medical situations

  • Recognize an ill or injured infant/child

  • Identify specific types of medical problems and give appropriate first aid care

  • Call emergency medical services (EMS)

  • Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

  • Perform various actions if an infant/child is choking


Ishmael was very knowledgeable and informative. He provided many real life examples and made you feel comfortable being prepared to tackle issues if they were to occur in real life!

Angela Inslee, Expectant Mother

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